Brunel 1s 0:2 LSE 1s
The first cup match of the season, the second trip to LSE and the third time we’ve lost…

After the long team tube journey and picking up a few stragglers on the way, Brunel were ready to take on LSE again but this time in a cup match. The first of many things to go wrong for Brunel was the discovery of the stinking unwashed kit, but this did not get our heads down. We covered ourselves in body spray and stepped out onto the famous pitch once more. 

A good warm up but us in high spirits for the game ahead but we soon noticed the lack of one umpire. LSE blamed us, we blamed them… the only umpire didn’t care whos fault it was but refused to umpire alone meaning Brunel lost their captain to the whistle and the game commenced with Brunel playing under protest.

Brunel pressed high in the LSE D but we just couldn’t finish (like most of the boys in Brunel Hockey too). LSE attacked back, entered our circle and after lots of scrambling around on the floor from Patsy, I wrongly awarded a goal to LSE. 0:1 at half time. It was then stick tackles galore as Brunel fought back hard, some a little too hard as Heidi was awarded a green card for a swinging stick. 

Half time sweets and the arrival of another umpire kept our heads high in the second half but LSE were strong too as they scored a second goal. We kept it together and gave the best performance we have all season but it wasn’t meant to be. Final score 0:2 to LSE.
MOM: Chow 

DOD: Ashleigh


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