The match started off quickly with Brunel pressing the opposition causing a turn over. After some quick passing through mid-fielders Toby and James, centre forward Sirtaj received the ball in the opposition quarter. Through luck and skill he managed to beat the Middlesex defenders and scored the first goal of the match. The Brunel team, impressed they had actually scored a goal, quickly had their dreams of an easy game dashed with the opposition centre forward dribbling down the middle of the pitch and scoring. The game continued with both sides having meaningful attacks. After this period of tense play the next goal came from a short corner, centre Mid Toby fooling the defenders with a lovely pass to Alistair who clinically swept the ball into the back of the net. Middlesex then began a series of attacks with the Brunel team barely able to repel them. A break in play came from a green card for the Middlesex left mid for physical play. Brunel failed to capitalise on the advantage and remained in their half for the rest of the half eventually conceding from a free hit.
The second half began with the Brunel defence being shredded by two lighting attacks from the Middlesex attackers, both attacks being successful putting them 2 goals ahead. After this humiliating turn of events the Brunel team rallied with solid attacks down the right wing resulting in a number of short corners. The game progressed with both sides reeling from multiple quick attacks but none being successful. The game ended a disappointing 4-2 to Middlesex and a long journey home for the Brunel team. 
MOM: James

DOD: Guy


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