With Loz being unable to play due to a trip to a stroke unit (surely our position at the bottom of the league is a more serious issue than saving lives?), Ashleigh stepped up to join the defence. 
Brunel started off strong with the ball hardly leaving UCL’s half for the first 10 minutes. A rowdy home crowd and frustration from events proceeding the match gave us the determination to make this game our best yet. We were able to maintain possession with the midfielders working well together, dominating our opponents. A strong drive into the D from Darcy resulted in an early goal. 
Brunel retained the majority of the possession for the remaining half, with the ball entering the opponents D only a handful of times. UCL struggled to get the ball past the solid wall of the back four, however with Amelia stacking it over thin air and hitting herself in the face, UCL had a chance to break through. In spite of this, they were unable to put it away as Dannii was on fire yet again. 
UCL began to step up and put more pressure on our players. I then had a Cinderella moment, losing my shoe mid-tackle, putting myself in strong contention for Dick of the Day. Regardless of our efforts and 2 short corners, we were unable to score again during the first half. 
With a motivating team talk from our coach and captain, we began the second half with high spirits. 
No amount of sweeties was going to put Darcy in a good mood, leading to her throwing herself on the floor and screaming in attempt to stop play when the ball entered our D (the umpires must have decided that she needed a stiff drink, so ignored this and let play continue). Shortly after, UCL scored from a short corner brining them level with Brunel. 
Darcy narrowly escaped a yellow card from flooring an opponent, consequently having to leave the pitch for 2 minutes. With one player down, UCL were able to press and create more options for their forwards. However, the solid back four yet again were determined to keep the ball away from Dannii. Unfortunately, UCL scored from a short corner taking them into the lead. 
Fantastic communication and play between the team meant the ball was in our opponents D yet again but the forwards struggled to finish. With another short corner awarded, Heidi took a strong shot at goal with Steph scoring off the goal keepers rebound. 
On the final whistle, Ashleigh could not contain her excitement from our first ‘win’. Little to her knowledge we drew 2-2 and it was Anya’s job to burst her bubble. Despite this, Ashleigh was still on cloud nine as this was the first point that the ladies 1s have won in over a year, and without a doubt the best match that we have played this season. 
MOM: Chow

DOD: Hannah


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