Ladies 1’s Vs LSE
First of all thanks to Patsy for stepping in for Dannii,

Also we had the return of Loz!
We actually did play really well but obviously we didn’t want to break our losing streak so kept the tradition up and lost again.
In the first half we had majority of the possession with LSE struggling to get it in their attacking third, Anya had a lot of runs up the right getting the ball up the pitch however the girls struggled to finish, we had way more goal scoring opportunities than they did tho and I think we had 3 or 4 short corners, whereas they only got 1 and scored from it so I’d say we were quite unlucky with the result. 
The highlight of the game though has to be when one of the refs absolutely stacked it, unfortunately for me though it looked like it was my fault, he said he was alright but he was obviously still holding a grudge because about 10 mins later he sent me off 
Fleur also got carded and so did two players from the other side so it was quite eventful,

Darcy had a lot of good runs and surprisingly kept her cool, but she did end up pulling some blonde girls hair at one point haha 

Also somewhere in the second half Heidi threw herself on the floor and she screamed that loud it was like her leg had come off, she soon recovered and tbf she does have a miniature bruise to show for it now 
Overall it was a really good game and I’d say it was a solid performance from everyone but now I think we’re relegated
M.O.M= Anya


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