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About Us:

Hi there! This is the website for the Brunel University Hockey Club. We will post match reports, events and photos here.

Brunel Hockey is a fun, sociable club aimed to cater for both beginners, and more experienced players. Both the men and women compete on Wednesdays in BUCS leagues, and collaborate on Sundays to form the mixed hockey team.

Integration is key both on and off the field, with numerous socials taking place over the course of the year, such as pub golf, the annual Christmas dinner and weekly “Global” socials. Brunel hockey aims to create a fun environment, approachable by any, and inclusive for all.


Monday: 4.00pm-8.30pm
Friday: 5.00pm-7.00pm



FREE + Sports Fed Card £22


Match shirts, skorts and shorts will be provided.

The is a non compulsory kit shop to purchase other items of clothing.



Pre-drinks – the place where a good night begins! Generally in someone’s halls/house, Locos or Gamma where we play games, have court, chat and generally get boozey!

Locos – The uni’s SU bar, great for cheap drinks! This is where we get to show off our banter to the other clubs and societies. So we must make sure we get a good number to show what BUHC are made off!!

Academy – The SU nightclub. Each sport team/society hosts one night in here at somepoint in the year to raise funds for their clubs/society- ours being cavenight, usually a Monday. Also known for its epic Global nights every Friday and Gamma for cheap pre’s on a Wednesday!

Liquid– our beloved club in Uxbridge town! It’s a short walk from campus or a taxi will only cost £1.  Everyone from Brunel ends up here most Wednesday nights, usually in some ridiculous fancy dress outfit! As part of BUHC we regularly get on the guest list and have queue jump. As Wednesday nights is student night, it means cheap entry, cheap drinks and a club full of Brunelians. It will get messy.


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