This game was going to be tough as Hertfordshire were top of the table but we knew that whatever the outcome, we still would come off smiling.

The first half of the game was fairly equal, with both sides advancing forward. However, the opposition scored two (lucky) goals and by the end of the half we were 2-0 down.

With a crowd of supporters and a half time team talk, we were able to better understand our strengths and try to play them to our advantage. We were determined to keep up beat and treat the second half as a separate game altogether.
With Meeks down with a leg injury, we had 0 subs, which made the game that much harder, but we weren’t going to let this stop us!

We managed to claw back the two goals within the first 15 minutes of the half which of course, boosted our confidence as this team were worthy opponents. (Minus the name calling and aggressiveness) Although we tried pushing, with Panda beautifully fluttering the ball between players, we unconsciously altered our strategy to a more defensive approach as we were all growing tired and their attack became increasingly persistent.

Georgie made some brilliant free hits which penetrated their wall of defense (aptly earning her man of the match).
Towards the last few minutes of the game, we were all holding our breath in what seemed like an eternity, of key opposition players coming inches away from the goal, almost putting our well deserved draw at risk.
When the final whistle blew, there was a sigh of relief, we were all extremely happy with the result, at 2-2.
Well done guys 🙂
MOM: Georgie Dollittle




 We were doing our shuttle runs when we saw a sea of blue shirts walking towards us, hang on weren’t they meant to be wearing white…? Indeed they were, this therefore meant tops were stripped off and the sunny yellow shirts were put on. Finally the game commenced.

Chichester started well throwing wave and wave of attacks at our defence, a few of Loz’s crunching tackles later and Dannis super saves Brunel were able to get the ball into the attacking D and earn a short corner. Els injected the ball with pin point accuracy to Heidi who was waiting at the Top of the D ready to smash the ball into the goal. A few seconds later we heard the sweet sound of the backboard. Some might say let’s take 1-0 at half time, not us girls, we wanted another and another we got from a cheeky reverse sweep from chow who was putting into practise what she had learnt from the Friday before (Are you proud Nil?).
We started well in the second half however Catherine was slightly over enthusiastic and thought it would be a good idea to “nudge” one of their players out the way. This sent the girl rolling across the ground and “apparently” winding her. A yellow card was brought out and thus the shetty trotted off for a time out on the sidelines. Darcy was keen to make sure Catherine was only off for the amount of time she was told therefore she set her own stopwatch. Sassy Darcy was back. A few digs later, 2 goals were scored by Chichester in a couple of minutes and we were looking at a tie. In the final minute Catherine and Darcy thought it’d be clever to both tackle the same person in the D, the whistle went and a short corner was awarded. 

Unfortunately Chichester went on to score and to say we were all gutted would be an understatement. A few sticks were thrown and a few curse words were mumbled but in true Brunel style talk quickly turned to how drunk we were going to get in the evening.
DOD Cathrine Elley

MOM DTR (she was immense)


Game day at the Olympic Park. It goes without saying how hyped the whole team were to play on the Olympic pitch. Where else would be better to play on for our team’s first game together?! Making our way to the match through the Olympic village and seeing the pitch being watered especially for us made us feel like aspiring professionals ready to win. After changing into the brand new kit for the season and the start of the year team photos with our new coach Jay we were ready to warm up and “get our heads in the game”.


With Brunel having the first push back things were off to a positive start. There was some great play with from the midfields working well with the forewords who were successfully driving the game up the pitch putting pressure on the LSE defence. However despite some strong efforts LSE managed to break through our midfields and defence to score a rather unimpressive goal ; however it was a goal nonetheless meaning we were 1-0 down. Brunel went on to fight back with a goal from Nicole Sinclair instantly boosting team morale. Another 2 goals were to be conceded in this half in which one was rather questionable…despite the score our heads did not drop and our defence’s efforts especially can not be criticised with everyone putting in 100%.


At half time our coach Jay and brilliant captain Ashleigh provided us with some valuable support and advice . Two packets of haribo and an serious and motivating team talk later we were ready to head back out onto the pitch for the second half.


Undoubtedly our team’s play was a lot stronger in several aspects. To prove this only 1 goal was conceded in this half. We worked a lot better together as a team with our play much more fluent ; a credit to us given it was our first match together as a new team . However despite our best efforts it was not quite enough as the final score was 4-1 to LSE ; a score which disappointingly is not a true representative of the game and Brunel’s play.


MOM: Catherine Elley

DOD: Fleur Finnegan


Brunel ventured out to Potters Bar for a late pushback against Royal Vets. After eventually getting the car started and the windscreen wipers turned off (Harriet) the journey began. 

After taking separate cars, we all re-met ready and excited to play a good game of Hockey. We started with an intense warm-up to psyche out the watching Royal Vets team before getting ever so slightly distracted by an adventure playground.

The game started a little past 4:15 and we got off to a flying start with Charlotte scoring a quick goal in the first few minutes of the game. This put the whole team in an amazing mood and we were determined to carry on playing with that level of pressure. 

2 more goals were scored in the first half with Royal vets only making one break into our defending D which was quickly cleared by the defence.
The half time team talk was enthusiastic, filled with haribo and high spirits, we knew we had to continue playing as we did in the first half, but I don’t think anyone in the team expected what was to come.

Goals were coming every 5 minutes, it was relentless, we were relentless. Our attack and midfield were running circles round the other team, whilst our defence was running circles around me to keep warm in a game that didn’t necessarily need them. Yohanna and Saffron were vital in keeping the ball high, with a “solid wall” of defence provided by man of the match Yohanna, and Saffron never failing to be where the ball was, despite being at the other end of the pitch half a second before. The commitment by everyone was immense.

Unfortunately, due to cold legs, 2 goals were conceded from quick breaks by the other team, but at this point we were still 3 goals ahead and we knew we could still win, nothing was going to stop us.

We came back better than every by scoring 5 more goals, resulting in hat-tricks from Charlotte, Elspeth and Chow, and a cracking single goal from captain Naomi. There was no coming back from this by Vets, as our spirits raised with each goal, theirs decreased and we knew it was over. 

10-2. Amazing, we were all stunned and we knew this qualified for a photo-op. However, someone decided it would be a good idea to leave her helmet beside the side of the goal during the photos and not collect it after, leaving for an embarrassing turn of events when the footballers had to return it to her before the dick of the day nominations. Right in time. 
Until next time, hopefully I might touch the ball that game (Yep, also a reason for the dick of the day nomination.)
Final score : 10-2 to Brunel 


DOD: Patsy Laidler 


Yep. I got DoD again. Hilarious isn’t it? While you all ride the road to success by using your time to pretend to revise, watch Blue Mountain State or frantically gather facts about Guernsey, I’m stuck here in my Cheapstow accommodation trying to remember what happened in the game and why everyone now calls me Jonathan. In a month you’ll see me behind the counter at McDonalds because although my education was really important I knew that writing match reports was the only way to impress my hockey friends.

So yeah! Hockey!

Brunel started off as the dominant side, playing some lovely hockey and creating some brilliant chances. However, once again we struggled to finish. I suppose it’s better than finishing too quickly but it still lead to Reading getting a 2-goal lead within 10 minutes. This caused our heads to drop and suddenly we were a different team, a team without cojones or coordination. This was now a psychological battle for Brunel. If we did nothing we might as well have admitted defeat and hit the showers early and relieved Jake the stress of possibly getting a parking ticket. 
This was not the case.

Thanks to a crucial goal scored by Dan, we were back in the game and things started to fall into place. Our attacks were faster and we pressed harder on Reading’s defence than Will’s lips were pressed on my forehead in Liquid (I dunno either, I guess my forehead is my best feature. Ladies, who do you think has the best-looking forehead in the men’s section?). At half time we were still 2-1 down but we regained our focus and pledged to crawl off the pitch at full-time, knowing we gave it our all.
There was an even amount of possession on the pitch but Brunel looked the stronger team in the second half, despite Chris repeatedly passing to the other team. After winning many short corners we finally converted one into a goal after a blistering drag-flick from Shuk*. Brunel were now level with Reading! Towards the end of the game Brunel won another short corner. This was our chance of victory! Phil injected poorly but Ivan managed to recover the situation by dribbling past several defenders and Brunel were in on goal. All we needed now was for Phil to put the ball in the back of the net after Ivan passed to him. It was so simple. 
Phil missed the open goal.

He missed the ball entirely in fact.

He threw away Brunel’s best chance at getting three points after being put at such an early disadvantage.

Final score: 2-2 

MOM: Will Rix

DOD: Phil Dickinson 


After beating some snotty-nosed children into the dirt last Wednesday, Brunel’s 1s were ready to bring the thunder to whoever opposed them next. This week we played Portsmouth: a strangely tall side. Maybe I felt they were tall because we had five freshers (Congratulations guys playing your first official Brunel match!) Plus Jimmy’s also quite short. 

Anyway the game!

The first half began very lethargically but soon picked up after a couple of near misses from both teams. However we never really maintained our focus and as a result Portsmouth picked up the first goal, the attacker proving to be very clinical in sliding the ball past Will. However, Brunel were not about to take that early blow lying down. We weren’t about to run home crying to our mothers, be gathered up into their arms and be told everything was going to be okay.
We are Brunel 1s

We don’t give up without a fight

We like our meat cold and our port sweet

And we really… really… hate… losing.
So we unleashed a barrage of assaults on goal, eventually leading to Phil scoring the equaliser. For the rest of the half we kept attacking and Portsmouth kept getting sent off by the umpires. To be fair we got our fair share of cards in the game *cough* Ivan *cough*. Despite our efforts there would not be another goal in the first half. A very disappointing finishing performance from the forwards, especially from DoD Phil, who choked when approaching goal both physically and metaphorically (diddums had a little cold over the weekend and acted like he had TB. Wimp).
The second half saw a continued dominant performance from Brunel, however we still refused to score! It was like…like… no there is no analogy for this I have literally no idea how we couldn’t score. This curse was eventually lifted after a broken down short corner led to some smooth 1-2 play between Nil and Phil, giving the Walking Contagion a chance to double his goal count and put Brunel into the lead. Portsmouth started to make attacks on our goal, every attempt becoming progressively getting more desperate. This would have been a big problem for Brunel if MoM Chris hadn’t been there to nonchalantly tackle everything and dribble out of danger. However what Chris couldn’t defend against was Ivan’s DISGUSTING back stick outside the D, rewarding Portsmouth with a short corner with 3 minutes to go and Ivan with a green card (yeah, the umpires carded for back sticks. They were THOSE kind of umpires). Fortunately the short corner was poorly taken and Brunel held on to win the match. All in all a decent performance, we just need some finishing practise and we’ll be ready to beat anyone!
Special mention goes out to Nil for missing an open goal which nearly made Ivan vomit.

Final score: 2-1 to Brunel 

DOD: Phil Dickinson 


After a convincing win in round 2 of the cup against Sussex 2’s. Brunel headed in to round 3 with confidence on a surprisingly warm late November day for a home fixture against Royal Holloway. The game got off to a good start with great pressure on the opposition midfield and defence coming from high press. Rub bringing Brunel’s first opportunity to get on the scoreboard with a good run earning a short corner. Although not successful from the first; a few minutes later another short-corner led to a rebound which fell for Manu to finish in the bottom corner.

From then on it was total control of the game for the Brunel side. 2 goals (and an epic spin move) coming from Russ, 1 from James Long. Probably the most memorable moment of the half coming after a powerful run in the D and a well-weighted cross coming from Ivan leaving Manu with the simplest of chances on the back post which he proceeded to drive in the back post from roughly half a yard out (not my finest moment). After the half time break a second goal for Manu and calm finish from Ivan secured Brunel’s control of the game.

A final flourish of goals came firstly from Euro with a tomahawk which slid past the keeper’s foot with a helpful distraction from Shukran in the goalie’s eye-line. This would be the keepers final part in the game following an earlier collision taken earlier in the game; Royal Holloway bringing on a kicking back for the remainder of the game. A slick passing move on the counter led to an easy finish for K, and the final goal coming from a sliding deflection by Jasper assisted by Euro from the top. Brunel now head in to the quarter final stage with 18 goals scored and 0 conceded; not the busiest of days for Sand in goal but another clean sheet in the books.

Team: Sand, Jun, Undy, Kwandwane Browne, Neutron, K, Ivan, Rub, Stan, Manu, Russ, James, Euro, Jasper, Shukran, Bun.

Final Score: 9-0

Goal Scorers: Russ (2), Manu (2), Jasper, K, Ivan, James Long.

MOM: Ivan

DOD: Manu